Diablo 3 How to get legendarys fast!(Patch 2.0.3)

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How to get legendarys fast with, the wretched mother runs,First you go set your quest as the fallen star: Captain rumford at the gate. Then go through and kill stuff until you get to the wretched queen. But you look around for the deceased scribe, hes always there and hes guarentees a drop. If your lucky youll get a legendary otherwise you get some crap items. Trash mobs have a low chance of dropping a legendary since it dosent even drop a item itself when you kill it. Try to find guys with names like the deceased scribe and stuff or the deceased artist guy, I think thats his name. But try to kill them real fast and reset the quest and do it again. I just got 5 legendarys in a row after I posted this video! Please Subscribe! Twitch.tv/niinjastorm

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