Resident Evil Revelations Raid Mode 10th Ghost Ship - Norman, Jessica - Route For Get More Weapon

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So... This is my 10th video for Ghost Ship. And my first video for playing Norman. Actually, many people do not playing Norman... Even though this character has pretty good skills. So... I recorded this character's playing. :P In my case... I playing most of the all characters. Everytime changed character whenever I play. I think the real professional player can play well with any character. And at that time, I used different weapons. Also I choose most of the weapons which are really match to each character. Well... In fact, in this video, I didn't upgrade my weapons. So they just normal weapons. (Hunk's all weapons are upgraded at least more than 10th in my other videos. :P) Norman is quite nice character. Of course my main character is Hunk, but many people using Hunk... So I keep changing my character everytime. I really really hate to play the game with my partner who using character same as me. So I've always change my character refer to my partner's character. Just my taste. Nevermind LOL

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