Total War: Rome 2 - Patch 10 and New Units!

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Full Unit Stats: Wolf Warriors -Melee Attack=38 -Weapon Damage=20 -Bonus vs Infantry=10 -Charge Bonus=30 -Melee Defence=46 -Armour=10 -Health=40 -Base Morale=55 Sobek Cultists: -Melee Attack=36 -Weapon Damage=39 -Bonus vs Infantry=10 -Charge Bonus=22 -Melee Defence=61 -Armour=45 -Health=45 -Base Morale=60 Mercenary Leopard Warriors: -Melee Attack=30 -Weapon Damage=32 -Bonus vs Large=20 -Charge Bonus=30 -Melee Defence=55 -Armour=35 -Health=40 -Base Morale=65 Just a quick overview of the new units available to those with the Beasts of War DLC in Total War: Rome 2. This patch released on March 20th, 2014. Enjoy! Full Patch 10 Notes: Helpful links:

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