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Light should be held as high as possible. Knowledge is Light. It is the "self" of humans that prompt him to hide Light. It gives them an advantage to rule. Christ manifested to liberate us from the tyranny and lead us to the Glorious Period or Kingdom of God. We are in the transition period from darkness to Light. God said in the end days He will pour His light [spirit] on all. His knowledge that is hidden from people will be exposed to them. The secret will be revealed in all simplicity. We then will know "why we and the universe exist" The truth liberates and salvages individual and collective humanity. This breaks the growing corruption, conquering motives and disorder and sets in peace order and harmony. This is a talk downloaded from internet. I have kept them in one place, since I refer to them in my site -- 2012 -- Science Meets God - Awakening of Consciousness and Intelligence and Knowing the Mind of God - A site that speaks the simple realities and the ultimate Truth of Nature

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