Willi Chi in Burning Paradise (1994)

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The opening action sequences of this martial arts feature quickly establishes the cinema landscape via a series of human and animal decapitations. The prologue describing the persecution of Shaolin monks by the Manchu government during the Qing dynasty, has been used in Shaw Bros films many times over. With a cast of newcomers and location shooting in China, Ringo Lam brings a fresh approach to this narrative. Willi Chi is Fong Sai-Yuk (This role was originally created by Hark for Jet Li.), a student monk from the Shaolin monastery, whose martial arts skills are outstanding. He has become the target of a Manchu general named Crimson. Fong, along with his Uncle and a fellow traveller Tou Tou (Carmen Lee) are captured by Crimson and imprisoned in the Red Lotus Temple -- a subterranean charnel house ruled by Lord Kung, a sadistic Manchu jailer. It's not giving too much away to say Fong Sai-Yuk defies his captors and eventually leads a violent uprising against Elder Kung. And to offset the righteousness of Fong Sai-Yuk, we have the despotic Elder Kung, who, with a flick of his finger controls life and death in the Red Lotus Temple. A frustrated artist he enjoys cave painting using human blood, and takes time out to make conversation with severed heads. Kung is played with an over-the-top relish by veteran Canto actor Wong Kam-Kong (Wonder 7, From Beijing with Love). Willi Chi in Burning Paradise (1994) https://www.youtube.com/Arosav

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