Baby Raccoon Deck Profile March 2014- Yu-Gi-Oh!

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Link to Baby Raccoon Combo/OTK Tutorial: This is our competitive Baby Raccoon Deck Profile for March 2014 during the January 2014 format. Hopefully you enjoy the video and leave a like if you did and subscribe if you want to see more videos including combo tutorials, deck profiles, pack openings, contests/giveaways and much more! -The Team Jbean tags Baby Raccoon Top 4 Halifax Regional Combo Otk Tutorial Profile simplyunlucky youryugiohchannel best yugioh deck wind-up inzektors Yu-Gi-Oh! order of chaos gladiator beast dueling network DN darkworld 2012Yu-Gi-Oh Yugioh Konami Epic Duel Pack Openings Regionals Decklist Event Coverage TCG OCG YuGi-Tube Community aznpersuasion2008 dubkdad1 TeamDKF Team DKF pozjoker mkohl40 YuGiOhDuelChannel lilwunxx wuphlez TeamMinoritySPG ZTroc7 JTtheUnderdog ThatJTkid gcesar40 dalebellido Prowinston SlimXTeamSymmetry dragon rulers top 8 dragon ruler deck top 8 regional deck profile evilswarms constellars arg circuits top 8 evilswarm deck profile dueling network duelist pool yugioh YCS devpro mermail yugioh january 2014 format january 2014 banlist geargiakarakuri ghostricks january 2014 duels constellars vs ocg lightsworn january 2014 constellar deck january 2014 Patrick Hoban Upstart Goblin Theory Reckless Greed Racoon OTK

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