MUST SEE!! Reptilian EYES caanannite hybrid witch

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They are coming out friends. Trans-shifting and morphing is an established fact. The reality is here, face it. They will try to play this off in the coming years as we deserve the same "human" rights as gays, lesbians, and so on. As such, more and more of this kind of thing will be publicly exposed as fact by the MSM. Six fingers, slits for eyes, shape-shifting...demonic possession causing rapid shifts in the material of the host, given the hybrid bloodlines here on Earth. You CAN SEE THAT THEY ARE HERE REAL EYES because the pupils open and close. So for all you apologists trying to poison the well with this contact lense business, you need to pay closer attention and stop playing the fool. Alex Jones denies the lizard people exist...tells you all you need to know about Alex. Reptilian Annunaki Seraphim Archons Nephilim Cherubim Rephaim Elohim Anakim Zazzummin The Watchers Giants Brotherhood Of The Snake Grigori Sons Of God Angels & Demons Serpent Dragon Snake Brothers Grey Draconian Serpentine Species Beast Draco Summerian Planet X Satanism Nagas Reptoid ShapeShifter 2012 Nibiru Nergal Sharrapu Djinn Fire-God Satan-Shaytaan Draco Commanders Reptilian Royalty Mind Masters Lower Astral Reptilian White Scaled Dracos Devil Reptilian-Hybrids 4D Reps Insectoid Species Hive Mind Collective Babylonian Reptoid Mothmen Gargoyle Reptilian Rulers Montauk Reptilian Base Satanism The Alpha Draconians Pindar/The Lizard King Chitauri Nukua Dulce Underground Reptilian Bases Reptoid Beings Lucifer Quetzalcoatl The Great Feathered Serpent (Aztec And Toltec) Kukulkan/Gucumatz The Great Plumed Serpent (Maya) Reptilian Humanoid Dragon Dracula Draco Collective Hive Mind Multidimensional Reptilian Demon Lords 5th Column Hybrid Forces Reptiloid Blue Bloods Iblis/Satan Incubus Succubus Dinosauroids Saurians Reptilian/Human Hybrids Demon Possessed Reptilian Hierarchy Saurian Greys Serpent Cults Ouroboros Cherub Angel Seraph Hierarchical Reptilian Species Retican Grey Mercenaries Demon Lords MIB Draconian Serpents Ciakars Astral Parasites Feline Species Deep-Subterranean Dwellers Dulce New Mexico And Montauk -Point Joint Nazi Operations Reptiloid Underground Bases Reptilian Bloodlines The Draco-Orion Empire InnerTerrestrial Reptilians Sobek Sumerian Subterraneans Reptilian Grey Hybrid Sauroids Nefilim Cains Serpent Seedline Deep-Subterranean Dwellers Seraph Chukara Cherub Molecular Shape Shifting Technotic Projection Laser Holograms Superficial Bio-Phasing Inter-Dimensional Travel Hu-Man Sub-Cities Terra Winged Draco Hierarchy Biological/DNA Sources For Experimentation/Engineering Draco/Borg Collective Cybernetics Implant Technology Stargates Nachash Changeling Nesu Itzamna Watchmen Fallen Angels Itzem EL Joint Nazi (American Corporate & European Millitant Nazis Gray And Reptiloid Underground Bases Fallen Verities Repti-Poltergeists Wer-Dracs Sarpa Kappa Sheti Cecrops Hu-Man Replica Replacements Reptilian Technology Orionites Draco Fleet Orion Wars Sol Sirius-A Capella Sirius-B Lyra Taygeta Pleiades,Tau Ceti,Vega Lyra,Procyon Alpha Draconis,Rigel,Orion,Epsilon Bootes,Zeta II Reticuli Sirius-B,Arcturus,Aldebaran,Al tair,Pleiades Cluster ============= more at

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