Modeling a Kitchen using AutoCAD - PART1

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This tutorial demonstrates the procedure involved in creating a 3d Model of a kitchen using AutoCAD . The entire video is divided into various parts to systematically organise the procedure . Do see all parts of the video . In the last segment I will explain the steps to make a perspective view out of the 3d model . Please go through my entire video sequence of modeling a kitchen and along with this video .. You can expect more useful video tutorials in my channel "sabeercad" . I will definitely share my 21 years of expertise in this area with you. Please revert back to me with your comments and suggestions . You can join my blog and get useful and interesting informations about various LIVE CAD PROJECTS You can also follow me on my facebook page by liking this page Visit WWW.SABEERCAD.COM for CAD related Tips and Tutorials Also join my facebook user group "Autocad users" Please visit and Subscribe to my Youtube Channel on Latest Gadgets and Technology For those who likes Gadgets :

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