Argentine Tango from Berlin - Quebracho (Bachicha), ca 1935

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Theo Heldt und sein Orchester - Quebracho (Bachicha) Argentinischer Tango, Clangor ca 1935 Note: BACHICHA - Argentinian bandoneonist, composer and leader (1890 - 1963). Bachicha was one of the pioneers of tango in Paris. He had played in the Roberto Firpo Orchestra in Buenos Aires, and in 1922 he traveled to Spain as member of the theater company led by Enrique Muiño. Soon later he went to Paris with a tango orchestra he had put together with the violinist Eduardo Bianco. This orchestra became widely known. Bachicha's name was, in fact, Juan Bautista Deambroggio. He composed many tangos, such as "Buena pinta", "Renacimiento", "Avellaneda", "Montparnasse", "Oración", and "Quebracho". But the one that is most remembered is "Bandoneón arrabalero" Finally he put together the Orchestre Argentin Bachicha that continued performing in the French capital city and on tours throughout Europe, part of Africa and the Middle East. He made recordings in many countries, almost exclusively for Odeon.

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