How to Boot an Asus Eee PC Netbook from a USB Flash Drive

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Show more -- There are two ways to boot an Asus Eee PC from a USB flash drive or USB pendrive. Addresses booting via the boot device menu and by changing the BIOS settings to prefer the USB drive over the internal hard drive. USB Boot Guide Bootable USB Used in the Video Transcript Hi, I'm brian with We are going to boot an Asus Eee PC Netbook from a USB flash drive. The flash drive is a 16GB USB 3.0 drive from In this video, I will demonstrate two methods. In the first method, we will use the boot device menu to select the USB drive for a one-time boot. In the second method, we will setup the computer to always boot from the USB drive when it is connected to the computer. The first method is best when borrowing a friend's computer or using a public computer in a hotel or Internet cafe. The second method is better for configuring your own computer to boot from a flash drive. To start the first method, we insert the USB drive in any available USB slot and the power on the computer. Now we need to press the Esc key several times as it powers up. This will tell the computer to display the boot device menu. From the boot device menu, we select the "USB: Patriot Memory" entry. Patriot Memory is the hardware manufacturer of this USB drive.. As soon as we press enter, the computer begins loading the distro list from the USB drive. Once the distro list is displayed, we can use the arrow keys again to select the distro or software that we wish to boot. This USB drive contains several gaming distros. Now that we have the distro list booted and running, this concludes the one-time boot via the boot device menu. We can power down now and move on to method two. The second method prepares your computer to always boot from the inserted USB drive. If the USB drive is not inserted, the computer will boot from the internal hard drive as usual. To start method two, we can leave the USB drive attached and power on and use the F2 key to enter the BIOS setup. Now we need to change the boot priority so that the USB drive is preferred over the internal hard drive. This will allow us to boot from the USB drive by simply inserting the flash drive and powering up the netbook. First we use the right arrow key to move to the "Boot" screen. Then we use the down arrow key to move to the "Hard Disk Drives" entry and press enter to select. Then we use the down arrow key to move to the "USB: Patriot Memory". Now use the "+" key to move it to the top priority. Finally, we press F10 and the Enter to save the setting and exit the BIOS. The computer will immediately begin the boot process and this time it will automatically boot from the USB drive without using the boot device menu. Now we can select a distro and from the menu and boot it from the USB drive. We will select the live.linux-gamers distro and watch it boot up. Please note that the keys used in this video are specific for this computer model. To learn which keys are right for your computer, please visit and refer to our USB Flash Boot Guide. Now we can play any of the games listed at the bottom of the screen. If you have any questions about booting from USB flash drives, please visit our forums at

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