2013 Miss Leesburg, Bikini Contest, Leesburg Bike Fest,

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Video of the 2013 17th Annual Leesburg Bike Fest, held in Leesburg, Florida. Pictures and Video Include : Roaming Video Of Event, Rats Hole Custom Chopper Show, Miss Budweiser Bikini Contest, Miss Leesburg Bikini Contest, Miss Rats Hole Bikini Contest, CJ Czaia & Kevin Gallagher of Czaia & Gallagher Injury Law, The My FloridaMCC.com Girls, Gerson of Daytona-AirBrush.com, Rachel O'Ryan of Leesburg Bikefest Marketing/PR, The.Dub.Lab/Autostyles Garage, Dennis Panzik of Dennis Panzik Artistry, A Fu Kein Good Tattoo, Franc Robert of Franc Robert and The Boxcar Tourists, JT Smalley a Found Object Sculptor, Gary Berglin & Charlie Collette of Nam Knights America Motorcycle Club, Rae LaRoche of Rebounderz, Tosha Vanden of Unleashed Designs, Randy Akers of Radical Event Promotions, David & Howard Shumate of BlingMaster, Inc. BlingMaster Polish http://www.blingmaster.com

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