Pt 8.2 Aug 8, 1969: Sharon Tate, The Beatles, Charles Manson & Hollywood's Satanic Spell

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To understand the Charles Manson (CM) Mind Control (MC) 'mirror image' 'mind control' process, it all started on Aug 8th, 1969 a.k.a. 'The Riding Forth' ritual that 'murdered the 60's' which involved the 'Hair Stylist' of 'The Doors' and the Love of His Life. This is why the Jugalette hatchet is tattooed on many women, for the same reason that Judy Garland ended up dead on too much alcohol and pills in a bathroom shortly after marrying someone with links to the Church of Satan. This is how and why Courtney Love murdered Kurt Cobain the same way she murdered her bass player a short while later and was able to get away with it, then made a 'Hollywood Movie Star'.Courtney Love is the daughter of a man who once managed the band 'The Grateful Dead' formerly known as the 'Warlocks' who were present at the snuff film known as Altamont where the 'Rolling Stones' who featured 'The Beatles' on their album 'Her Satanic Majesties Request' were playing the song Sympathy for the Devil as the 'Hell's Angel's' ritually stabbed a black man. Mick Jagger and Jimmy Page were as involved in the making of Kenneth Anger's 'Lucifer Rising' as Manson Family member Bobby Beausoleil. Now you understand why Nine Inch Nails recorded their album 'The Downward Spiral' in Sharon Tate's House, then took the door that had 'PIG' written in blood in it which is now the door to their studio.There is no such thing as 'coincidence' folks. It's all Karma. You have 7 days to understand that the lord of the rings is Saturn/Satan warshiped on saturnsday, the 6th day of the week, 6th planet, 6 letters is its name. It's color is black like what the Saturnalian Jewdges and nazi police wear wolf in.Symbol magic is more powerful than people comprehend, notice the 'pyramid' in Sharon's last movie '13 chairs', with the number 33, like club 33 at Disney. Oh Sharon, the best Playboy playmate of all time. Notice how she says 'Have a Ba'El' at the end of this clip. IsRaEl? I don't think so. sharon tate pt 8 playboy murdered disney mentioned in church of satan's bible mind control programming charlie manson icp jugalette tattoo Satanic whoredom whore ritual mass murder gabe end the drug war rivera endthedrugwar endthedrugwarvision white rose sophie scholl How can you guys buy this bullshit? How many people does the Unitarian Universalist congregation murder before you admit responsibility? Adam Sarnecki, Lauren Spierer, Don Swank, Lauren Kahn, Crystal Grubb, Brett Wood Pfc, James Lerg IUPD are but just a few of your local murders in the past year or so. Everyone in Bloomington knows that Bill Breeden is waging a hate campaign against me utilizing the local corrupt Justice System so that his best friend Chris Gaal can create mass murder the same way was done to Nicaragua. Bill Breeden is the 'World's Biggest Nazi Hypocrite' of 'All Time'. Link to the whole series:

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