Shooting a Mosin Nagant more quickly and accurately

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Hi, Just thought I'd make a video of the hasty sling position and volley firing. Basic stuff, but basics are important and too often overlooked. ABOUT DRY FIRING! Please note, you'll see me dry firing this mauser pattern rifle with stainless bolt and pin, and I've dry fired it thousands of times, and never broken a firing pin. Regardless, pins are only 4 dollars each and are a quick swap out if I ever did break one. Now it is safe to do dry fire the mosin, but not all guns are. Never dry fire percussions, rimfires(except certain high end target grade rimfires which are designed to handle dry firing), or guns with a firing pin integral to the hammer. Basically, if you're a newbie, and don't know much about the gun you have, never dry fire. Knowledgeable target shooters like myself dry fire constantly for indoor practice, but we know which guns can take it, and which guns will be damaged. You've been warned.

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