US Navy SEAL Christopher Mark Heben: "Soldier For Hire"

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Go with Chris as he takes you inside the world of US Government Contractors. Here, you will see just exactly what these former Special Forces Operators are doing now in order to protect the safety of US Citizens and US interests everywhere. Be careful, things get pretty rough during the process. You will not be disappointed! ****To all the SOF posers: This is a show 'teaser/sizzle reel' that is thrown together in order to market a concept to a network. Teasers/sizzle reels are filmed using what is called 'stock footage'....stuff that is already in Hollywood databases and comes from everywhere. The actors or reality role players in them do not screen and or approve the footage before it is a finished product. Why is this all thrown together so quickly and cheaply? Because it is only shown to 5 or 6 high level TV Network executives who want to possibly put a show on the air.....the 'sizzle' is only a 3 minute mini-marketing piece. What follows is a pilot episode or a short order for a few episodes as a test run....i.e: Battleground: Rhino Wars......currently airing on Animal Planet. NOTE: This show is looking for a home on a network.

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