Giant Testicle Biting Piranha - River Monster

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Testicle biting exotic monster species of giant piranha caught in a Paris, France, river, Swedish/Denmark waters & lake in Illinois, 2013. These testicle eating pacu fish species have human teeth & are an invasive species native to the Amazon and South America. Let's Connect -- -- -- -- -- The scary freshwater pacu fish is a species of piranha, with human like teeth instead of the razor sharp ones like the red bellied piranha. The exotic pacu are much larger than piranhas growing up to 3 feet long and weighing over 55 pounds. A true river monster. These testicle crunching, man biting, giant piranhas were caught in Lou Yaeger lake in Illinois in July 2012, in Scandinavian waters around the borders of Sweden & Denmark in August 2013 and just this month of September, 2013 in the Serine River in Paris, France. Are These River Monsters Dangerous To Humans? Pacus feed primarily on nuts, vegetables, snails and sometimes other fish, but for some reason their have been rumored to like eating human testicles? They have a very powerful bite and and multiple reports of fisherman and swimmers from both Brazil and Papu New Guinea have died after getting their testicles bitten off and bleeding to death. Why are they everywhere? Pacu fish make a popular aquarium pet but, unlike goldfish, pacu fish grow really fast in captivity and will outgrow their aquariums forcing pet owners to find a new home...a local river or pond. Depending on your country, people getting caught dumping the fish in a lake could face criminal charges. A real threat to wildlife as these invasive species will invade local waters taking away food sources from the natural environment. Check out Jay Terrell's YouTube Channel More Giant River Monster Videos -- Payara River Monster -- Deadly Goliath Tiger Fish -- Mekong Catfish River Monster -- Unknown Creature Discovered

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