The World's Meanest Dad

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Toren used to have a very strong Moro reflex. As that has disappeared, we've discovered that he can be scared. We initially discovered this by accident, but when we saw it, we decided we had to film it because his scared cry is so cute. So, I was mean and scared him so we could film it. Notes for those wanting to comment: 1) We found out Toren could be scared accidentally by moving a toy into his field of vision too quickly. The resulting sad face and cry were too cute not to record. So we scared him ONE TIME to film it. That is what you are watching. 2) I (the dad) AM WEARING SHORTS in the video. We live in Florida, it was June, I play soccer, and it was hot. If you aren't familiar with soccer shorts, they are short. 3) We didn't post this in an effort to get hits on If you take two seconds to look, you'll see I've posted hundreds of videos on youtube. I post them to share with our son's grandparents who live about 2,000 miles away from us. For some reason this video just took off.

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