NBA 2K13 My Career - Mean Triple Double vs. J. Smoove

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My last video, No Smoove Move (Trade Deadline Talk) 3rd game in a row getting a triple double. This is the last time i"ll play against J Smoove this season.! Talking about the montage disappointment in this one. 0:23 Harlem Shake in the post 0:40 Brow put back slam, then J Smoove block 1:00 J Smoove mean slam 1:33 Offensive rebound And1! 2:06 J Smoove dunks it again in the halfcourt setting 2:58 Backdoor cut 3:20 J Smoove fadeaway in the post 5:40 My 10th rebound 7:20 Teague trampoline dunk 8:15 J Smoove spin move to slam dunk 9:07 Reach I teach splash 9:40 Near turnover to splash 11:35 Two offensive rebounds over J Smoove! 12:29 Press Conference My Facebook and Twitter!/Chris_Smoove

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