Hayabusa Shinkansen - Fastest Bullet Train in Japan as of May 2013

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Hayabusa Shinkansen (Japanese Bullet Train) is currently the fastest bullet train Japan clocking speeds of 320 kmph. It is a service between JR Tokyo station and JR Shin Aomori Station. This train covers the entire northeastern Tohoku region in Japan in little less than three hours. Most times it is connected with the new Super Komachi Shinkansen until JR Morioka Station. At JR Morioka, the Super Komachi is detached and goes left towards the JR Akita Station. The Hayabusa continues to Aomori. Hayabusa in Japanese means Peregrine Falcon. The maximum speed that is reached by Hayabusa (320 kmph) is the speeds at which (sometimes exceeds) a Peregrine Falcon dives down the sky to attack it's prey... without blowing it's lungs. I think that is why Japan Railway picked this maximum speed to signify the name of the Shinkansen. Enjoy...

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