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February 2014 Breaking News Christianity vs. Islam debate - Dave Hunt vs Shabir Ally - last days end times news prophecy update To get Dave Hunt resources to to - http://www.thebereancall.org/ That Islam is "peace and tolerance" is the most popular lie in the world today. Intellectuals in the West who defame Christ parrot the most fatuous praise of Muhammad, in spite of his legacy of murder, pillage and rape. A Sesame Street-type Arabic TV program features children training to be suicide bombers and chanting "Death to Israel"—for peace, of course. Reporter Ann Coulter suggests, "Inasmuch as liberals are demanding that Americans ritualistically proclaim, 'Islam is a religion of peace,' Muslims might do their part by not killing people all the time." We only ask Muslims for one example of where and when Islam ever brought peace and tolerance—and please don't threaten us with death (the standard Islamic persuasion) for asking! Never forget that Muslims slaughtered and conquered "for Allah" from Spain to China. These Arab conquests ( defensive battles, they claim) were "more rapid than the Roman, more lasting than the Mongol...the most amazing feat in military history." 2 Islam's founder, Muhammad, began his career attacking rich caravans passing near his base in Medina. The first three assaults failed. The fourth succeeded because the victims were surprised by an ambush during Ramadan. Arab tribes had long refrained from aggression in that "holy month." Muhammad, however, had received a "revelation" authorizing plunder and murder in Allah's name during this special time of peace (Surah 2:217). Another absolved the Muslims of killing: "Ye slew them not, but Allah slew them" (Surah 8:17). Most Muslims don't realize that in observing Ramadan and the annual pilgrimage ( hajj ) to Mecca, they follow what pagan Arabs practiced for centuries before Muhammad was born (see TBC Feb '00 ). Had President Bush known the truth instead of the misinformation fed to him by Cleveland State University law professor David F. Forte, 3 he might not have hosted a White House dinner honoring "the holy month Ramadan," nor flattered Muslims saying "all the world continues to benefit from this faith and its achievements." Benefit ? Challenged to do miracles like Christ, Muhammad could do none. On March 16, 624, near Badr, he led 300 warriors in a vicious attack against a large Meccan caravan protected by a force of 800. Some 40 Meccans were killed and 60 taken prisoner to a loss of only 14 Muslims. This amazing victory was seen as the attesting miracle Muhammad needed. As a result, the ranks of Muslims swelled with those eager to share in future plunder. Having proved himself the prophet of Allah with the sword, Muhammad sealed his apostleship with more than twenty murders, beginning with al-Nadr, an old enemy from Mecca. Taken captive in the battle at Badr, he pleaded that the Meccan Qur'aish tribe would never kill captives. Muhammad had him beheaded anyway, justifying the deed with another "revelation": "It is not for any Prophet to have captives until he hath made slaughter in the land" (Surah 8:67). Much of the growing Muslim wealth came from robbing and killing Jews, causing "the disappearance of these Jewish communities from Arabia proper" 4 —justified by a further "revelation" (Surah 33:26,27). To this day, by law no Jew may set foot in Saudi Arabia. A number of poets were murdered at Muhammad's behest for having mocked him in verse. The first was the poetess Asma bint Marwan, stabbed to death by Umayr while she was nursing her youngest child. The poet Abu Afak (reportedly more than 100 years old) was murdered next. Then came the Jewish poet Ka'b bin al-Ashraf. A timely "revelation" said all poets were inspired of Satan (Surah 26:221-227). Christ left Christians "an example, that ye should follow his steps: who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth: who, when he was reviled, reviled not again; when he suffered, he threatened not...[but] bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness..." (1 Pt 2:21-24). But the Muslim must follow the example of Muhammad who killed all who dared to disagree with him! In contrast to christian LOVE , Allah can be neither known nor loved. Nor does one even have to believe to become a Muslim. Under threat of death, one merely recites aloud, "There is no ila (god) but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet." This "conversion without faith" was established when Abu Sufyan, a Qur'aish leader, upon surrendering Mecca in 630 to Muhammad and his superior army, admitted that he doubted the latter's prophethood. He was warned, "'Accept Islam and testify that Muhammad is the apostle of Allah before your neck is cut off by the sword.' Thus [without believing] he professed the faith of Islam and became a Muslim."This pattern is followed today: confess or die!

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