Septuagint Vs Masoretic - Hebrew Masoretic Is A Corrupted Old Testament Canon

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Why is it the West clings to the Hebrew Masoretic OT, a Pharisaical Canon of scripture? The vein of error in the church is all one and together. Its quite an amazing spectacle to look at. The first error was rejecting God's Word, the Septuagint, which includes the Deuterocanonicals, which the Protestants call the Apocrypha. Note also that the Catholic Church also rejects some of the books from their canon of scripture. So, the error is in the West, not the East. West = Rome/Latin Theology/Catholic/Protestant. The East = Orthodox, Coptic Churches. All the error seems to be aligned behind a rebellious ideology. Which describes God in man's terms and futile thoughts and rejects God's complete Word. Why is it the Protestants seem to think they have "The Bible" yet they removed the Deuterocanonicals. What did Revelation say about adding and taking away from God's Word?

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