DIY Air Lift Koi Pond Vacuum (Part 1/3)

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This is a short video of how I made my Koi Pond Air Lift Vacuum. I made a Pond Vacuum for less than $20.00 with parts that I purchased from Lows. I have not yet perfected, as this is the first trial run. I believe that once I have this perfected I will be able to air lift nearly all of the debris from the bottom of my Koi Pond and catch it in a filter bag, returning the water back into my pond, and removing the waste in a bag for composting. I Miss-spoke! The vacuum pipe is 2" and the tee wye is a 3" x 3" x 3" with corresponding coupler's/reducers. See Update Video Here- DIY Air Lift Pond Vacuum (Part 2/3) - See Vacuum In Action Here (Part 3/3): This is a DIY pond vacuum that anybody can quickly build as a day project as this first air lift vacuum took me less than 1 hour to put together from start to finish. It works very similar to how an air lift pond pump works however it's portable, easily mobile, and quite easy to use. :) Currently this is set up to run at a low pressure and high volume however I'm thinking that I may get much better performance with a high pressure (lower volume) nozzle at the lower end of the pond vacuum. To do this I will need to spend some time at Lows piecing some things together and/or modifying some parts to fit/work. Greg Jones Air Lift Aquarium Vacuum - I'm also going to thoroughly read through this Theses project (Performance Characteristics of Airlift Pumps with Vortex Induced by Tangential Fluid Injection) before I build/rebuild this vacuum again as I think this will help me to cut my experimentation time down quite a bit.

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