New Madrid Fault Line, Polar Shift, Strange Animal Behavior

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Well, this speaks for itself. The first thing, or sign that usually happens before any type of weather related catastrophe is strange behavior on the part of the animals. Animals are hardwired into nature and the resonant frequencies of the earth, therefore, when they start acting erratically, you can bet its for a genuine reason. The New Madrid Fault Line is becoming active again due to the shifting of the poles. I am positive that there are also "forces" manipulating the weather, but, I won't point any fingers. Either way...this is odd behavior. While most people just continue about their days without a second thought to what is happening around them, others are taking note and seeing things for how they are. Choose to listen, or don't...your choice. My suggestion is this. Start harmonizing and meditating so that you can be at one with the upcoming changes and nature itself. Embrace LOVE and the Universe will carry you through this without a scratch. I urge those who have come to this video to watch it, that you check out the content on the rest of this channel. Its all related. TRUST ME... Namaste and Unconditional LOVE to you and yours...

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