Black Ops Zombies: New Ontop Of Biodome Knife Lunge Glitch

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Leave some love for more new black ops glitches? Thanks guys❤ Hey Guys, In this video I will be showing you a new black ops zombies invincibility barrier glitch on moon. This is a new knife lunge glitch, all you have to do is knife and switch weapons quickly. If you enjoyed the video make sure you leave a like, thanks for watching! Knife Lunge Tutorial: 1. Go up to a zombie and put them in the middle of your cross hairs 2. Then press Y/triangle and then knife right after that 3. Switch back to the gun you just switched from by pressing Y/triangle 4. Walk away from the zombie and put it in the middle of you cross hairs 5. Then knife when your cross hairs turn red 6. You should lunge towards the zombie! Dylan/MOG: Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Please Follow Me On Twitter:!/GlitchersHD Become A Fan On Facebook: Subscribe To RSPproductionz: Want to Contact Me? Skype Name: GlitchersHD Xbox Gamertag : CardBoardBalls

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