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Fikret Abdić Velika Kladusa Agrokomerc Before the war, Abdić was the director of Agrokomerc, a company from Velika Kladuša that he raised from an agricultural cooperative into a modern food combine, which employed over 13,000 workers. In the late 1987, just before Hamdija Pozderac was about to take over annual Presidency of Yugoslavia, a scandal arose, and Abdić found himself imprisoned for the alleged financial malversations, and Hamdija Pozderac resigned. The scandal shook not only the Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but the whole of Yugoslavia as well.[6] Another of his controversial moves was erecting a monument to a Bosnian başbölükbaşı from the Ottoman Army Mujo Hrnjica on a hill above Velika Kladuša. A few months later, Abdić decided to return to Bihać and lead the people there. Popular locally, having ties to both Belgrade and Zagreb, Abdić was concerned with business interests in his fiefdom,[9] and opposed Izetbegović's government[1] He formed the Autonomous Province of Western Bosnia, a move which the government characterized as treason. He made peace deals with Croat (14 September 1993) and Serb leaders (October 22, 1993) who were satisfied to weaken Bosnian government[1] in the light of Karađorđevo and Graz agreements which aimed to redistribute Bosnia and Herzegovina between Croatia and the FR Yugoslavia. The FRY (consisting of the Republic of Serbia (including Kosovo) and the Republic of Montenegro) wanted all lands where Serbs had a majority, eastern and western Bosnia. The Croats and their leader Franjo Tuđman also aimed at securing parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina as Croatian.[10][11] Fikret Abdić established concentration camps for Bosniak population loyal to the government such as Drmeljevo and Miljkovići. Detainees at the camps were subjected to killings, torture, sexual assaults, beatings and otherwise cruel and inhuman treatment. In addition to the Fikret Abdić forces, a paramilitary unit from Serbia known as the Scorpions participated in the war crimes on Bosniaks

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