Sabaneta Neighborhood In Medellin Colombia

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Sabaneta, a neighborhood just outside Medellin, Colombia, offers an ideal village lifestyle supported by the modern infrastructure of central Medellin. Sabaneta lies at the southern end of the Aburrá Valley and is 1 of 10 municipalities in the Medellín metropolitan area. It's also the smallest municipality in all of Colombia, with an area of just 5.8 square miles (15 square kilometers). Like all Medellín, Sabaneta enjoys what most of us believe to be the world's best weather. Average high temps are in the upper-70s, with lows in the low-60s, all year (that's 26˚C and 17˚C, respectively). No heat, no air conditioning, and no screens on the windows, thanks to the 5,200-foot altitude Read Lee Harrison's full report on Medellin, Colombia in the March issue of the Overseas Retirement Letter: Also, be sure to head over to and sign up for our FREE Daily E-Letter!

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