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SNOOP DOGG CONVERTS TO ISLAM but is it TRUE ISLAM? - P/1 In this episode of TheDeenshow we'll be talking about this group of people who call themselves the Nation of Islam and recently snoop dogg joined this group, but does this have anything to do with the real Islam? Find out more in this episode of TheDeenshow as we talk with a former top minister who used to be a part of the nation. Imam Qasim will be helping us God willing have a better understanding about this group the nation and there teachings which have nothing to do with real Islam. The number of Europeans, Americans, Latinos and Africans converting to Islam is growing rapidly Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Islam is going to dominate many Places in USA and Europe in the next few years, and is now a fiery revival sweeping much of the planet from Africa to Asia to Latin America to Europe to USA. Learn more about islam: ALSO VISIT " THE DEEN SHOW" Today the fastest growing religion in the World is Islam..spreading through the Sword of intellect and Wisdom . in islam before we believe we have to get the Evidence of the religion to be committed without any doubt and to live contently. Muslims don`t look islam as a normal religion, but as a whole system of Life, which gives all answers about this life and hereafter. many people don`t think how they came to this life and what is waiting them after death. they just do not want to think about their death although they must meet it....... The followers of other religions have no decisive proof for their belief, therefore they believe in their religions emotionally or through imitation. Some of them think that you just have to have faith without clear proof. However when it comes to normal things in life people apply a lot of thought such as buying a car, house, choosing a University course or which bank to join, so how can it be that when it comes to the most important questions about life; which define the purpose of our lives that we should just have 'faith' without being convinced absolutely. It is therefore vital for a Muslim to believe in the existence of Allah (swt) without any doubt whatsoever and to believe in the Prophethood of Muhammad (saw) and that the Qur'an is the final revelation sent by Allah (swt) to humanity. Islam is unlike all the other religions as it has a decisive proof that convinces the mind. Read and Listen Holy Quran online: Discover Islam Web Book CD.. A comprehensive learning guide to understanding Islam..For Muslims and non Muslims: A Scientist From Czech Republic explains the reason what made him convert to Islam here: Dr. Jeffrey Lang is an ex-atheist,Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Kansas. He explains why he converted to Islam here: A German Scientist & his wife,clinic assistant,explain why they converted 2 Islam here:

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