WOODCARVING : Patrick Damiaens , At the " Museum aan het vrijthof " | Sponsored by TEFAF Maastricht

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http://www.patrickdamiaens.be: Patrick Damiaens at the " Museum Aan Het Vrijthof " Maastricht in the Netherlands.Patrick Damiaens at work.Sponsored by the TEFAF. The making of an Rococo-ornament in oak. The museum is a historical house on the famous Vrijthof square with something for both tourists and the residents of Maastricht. The museum presents the history of those who lived in the city of Maastricht in the form of art works and in beautifully designed everyday objects from furniture to horsemen's guns, from silver candelabras to watches. The interior of the room makes way a few times each year for exhibitions. However, the focus always lies on the five centuries of the entire city of Maastricht's cultural identity. It is a history we display to be discovered, explained and experienced. That is the reason the Museum aan het Vrijthof, which up until recently was also known as the Museum of the Spanish Government, exists. Drink in the spirit of Maastricht. Feel the history. Admire arts and crafts from the past. Lose yourself in the sensation of becoming part of life in the 18th century. You will be given the opportunity to gain knowledge, to see where the connections lie, and to simply enjoy so many of the beautiful things produced by Maastricht's artists and craftsmen in the past. http://www.museumaanhetvrijthof.nl This little movie was made by producer Vincent Oudendijk http://www.EclipseAV.nl WOODCARVING : Patrick Damiaens ,Belgium made a German Rococo Applique for this Museum in Maastricht in the Netherlands . The work will be displayed in the permanent collection of the museum together with this film. To give the visitor a better picture of the complexity of the work of a mastercraftsman. http://www.patrickdamiaens.be Main sponsor of the Museum renovation is "The European Fine Art Fair ",TEFAF ,Maastricht . http://www.tefaf.com

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